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Cowlingweb Update Archive - June / July 2009
Added: 27th July 2009
Cowling Gala Fell Race - Results 2009
Supplied By: Graham Wadsworth - Wharfedale Harriers. Received Via Email

Cowling Gala Fell Race - Results 2009 - 15kb pdf file.

Added: 26th July 2009
Cowling Gala 2009 - Photographs
25th July 2009
Photos taken by: Tim Abbott
Added to: Events Gallery - Cowling Gala 2009

Added: 23rd July 2009
Cowling Cricket Club tribute to the late Alec Starkey
Supplied By: Bob Richardson (Secretary). Received Via Email
Alec Starkey died today (23rd July 2009). He was a great supporter of the cricket club. Born and bred in Cowling, he played for the cricket club for many years after the Second World War. He captained the side and was club secretary for a lengthy period. He was a tireless worker, fund raising, sitting on the committee, grass cutting, painting and generally keeping the club facilities in good repair. After his retirement, even though he had moved from Cowling to Colne, he spent a great deal of his time at the Cricket ground, ensuring that it was always spick and span! Until his recent illness he rarely missed a game at the club.

He had a great knowledge about the history of Cowling Cricket Club, and he had penned a history of the club.

He was a great friend of David Hoyle, and they were always to be seen together at the home games.

Alec will be sadly missed by all at the club, and we send our sincere condolences to his wife Jean.

Bob Richardson (Secretary Cowling CC)

Photo Below: Alec sitting alongside his great friend David Hoyle at a game at Barrowford.

Added: 22nd July 2009

Are You Using the Latest Internet Browser?

This month sees the release of the Firefox 3.5 internet browser. Cowlingweb have been using Firefox for a long time now, mainly due to its secure functionality and standards-compliant rendering of web pages.

A few visitors have contacted us regarding the Events Gallery pointing out to us that they could not view the photographs. A simple browser upgrade or update fixed all their viewing problems.

For Internet Explorer users, the latest version is version 7. Microsoft have recently made available a beta-test release of version 8, that will be released in late 2008.

Again, if you use Internet Explorer, please ensure you have the most recent release in order to view Cowlingweb correctly.

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Added: 17th July 2009

1 Old Photograph Added To Old Cowling Photos
Supplied By: Howard Benson. Received Via Email
Added to: Old Cowling Photos

Ickornshaw Methodist Church Choir - 1927
Ickornshaw Methodist Church Choir - 1927

Added: 16th July 2009
Local Cinemas - Keighley Picture House - Skipton Plaza - Burnley Apollo
Added to: Website Main Menu
Local Cinemas including current films and show times added to the site menu on the left hand side of the website.

Having tried to find the show times for the new Harry Potter film at Keighley Picture House we thought it would be a good idea to put a quick link on the site. Now with a simple couple of clicks it is easy to view what films are showing at Keighley Picture House, Skipton Plaza and also Burnley Apollo Cinemas.

Added: 9th July 2009
Cowling School Play - Alice In Wonderland
9th July 2009
Photos taken by: Cowlingweb
Added to: Events Gallery - Cowling School Play - July 2009


Dear Readers
Thankfully my own Grandad and a number of others were lucky enough to return home from WW1, but around 60 of our Cowling men died, 10 men in WW2. I am told that Grandad was never the same again, which made me wonder what it must have been like for Cowling to have lost so many young men – sons, brothers, fathers and friends!

A few years ago, and after lots of research- I put two albums together, and am constantly updating with any new information – the list may be found on either Cowlingweb or Cowling Council sites.
Lately the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have been in touch as they are coming to the village to clean and restore their military graves here – and presumably must have many thousands of such like graves to upkeep!

I have now asked the CWGC if they would kindly check over my list, which has now been forwarded to their head office, so I hope to hear of any queries or corrections later on. I would now like to find out if there is any local person/artist who would be willing to write out and decorate (calligraphy?) this list with a view to having it framed and hung in the village – expenses only to be reimbursed. Very sadly I do know that the late David Hoyle (artist) would have been proud to have done this for “his” village and the men who lost their lives, but not an option now.

Joan M. Tindale -

Added: 30th June 2009
Oli - The Rescued Owl
Supplied By: Sam Gott. Received Via Email

The Rescued Owl

My dad found oli ( as we named him) one Sunday morning. He was working at a local farm, Something caught his eye and he went to look. He saw that it was a Young owl that had fallen or flown in to the slurry pit.
He called the farmer he was working for and the rescue operation was put in place. A ladder was placed across the slurry pit, The farmers son was sent out to rescue oil. My dad then rang me up (His daughter ) for a clean up operation. Me and my mother had no idea what was coming till a land rover pulled up and oil was presented to us.
He was cold and bedraggled, his feathers were stuck together and the smell.
Warm soap water, towels and some patients he was looking and smelling better. He does have some vicious claws as I found out. ouch.
We kept him for a couple of days till he started to try fly as we had him a on out door cage. We released him at night, He took to the sky's as if nothing had happened. We here hoots on a night and we like to think that it is are oli saying thank you.

Added: 28th June 2009
Demolition Of Hartleys Mill (Acre Mill), Cowling - 2004 to 2007
Added to: Local History - Demolition Of Hartleys Mill (Acre Mill), Cowling - 2004 to 2007
Hartleys Mill - August 2004
Demolition Of Hartleys Mill (Acre Mill), Cowling - 2004 to 2007
© / Credited To: Cowlingweb

Added: 26th June 2009
Pinnacle Productions Present
Pass The Butler - By ERIC IDLE
3rd & 4th July 2009 - St Andrews Hall - Cowling
Supplied By: Denise Abbott. Received Via Email
Pinnacle Productions Present

Pass The Butler

3rd & 4th July 2009
St Andrews Hall

Tickets Sales
01535 634936
£5 Adults & £4 Concessions
Tickets also available from The Bay Horse Pub in Cowling

Added: 14th June 2009
8 Photos of the DUCK RACE - Added To: Events Gallery - Cowling Duck Race
8 photos taken by Ben Gartland of the Duck Race event added to: Events Gallery - Cowling Duck Race

Added: 13th June 2009
Cowling Village Hall Management Committee
DUCK RACE - Photographs Added To: Events Gallery - Cowling Duck Race


Cowling Village Hall Committee Duck Race Event.
Date: 13th June 2009

If anyone else has photographs from the Duck Race please feel free to send us them via email and we will be happy to add them to the gallery -

Added: 2nd June 2009
Cowling Village Hall Management Committee
Cowling Village Hall Management Committee
Saturday 13th June 2009
Midday to 3pm
at Winkholme Bridge, Cowling

Cash prizes of £30, £20 and £10 for overall winners
Ice cream
6 heats, 1 grand final
Race a duck for £1!





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