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The Changing Times
By Edna Smith
When Grandma was a little girl they hadn't many toys,
No Barbie dolls, just whip and top, or marbles for the boys.

When Grandad was a youngster, it was different in those days,
There wasn't 'lectric in the house, the coal fire made a blaze.

The oil lamps gave a gentle light, much better than a candle;
Clothes were washed in dolly tubs, and wrung out through the mangle.

In the forties food was rationed, it was wartime, it was hard;
We had no kilos, litres, things were measured by the yard.

In the sixties we had flower power, and then the baby boom,
The scientists made rockets, and man went to the moon.

In the eighties and the nineties we'd computers, internet,
And what is still to follow? there'll be more new gadgets yet.

It's a different world we live in now, and lots of things are better,
But the sun is getting hotter, and I'm sure the rain is wetter!
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