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Tablets of Stone
By Ken Edgar
Moses awoke feeling troubled,
He had to get something across,
He reckoned that folk would think it a joke,
Cos Moses weren’t really the boss.

See, t’were a reg’lar thing on a Sat’day,
To play ‘gainst t'Faroe and kin,
An’ have a good time sipping goats milk an’ lime,
But the rule was the Faroe should win.

Now Moses had dropped a right clanger,
‘Cos last night the Faroe he beat,
In t’final at darts an’ stinkiest fa*ts,
And now t’Faroe had turned up the heat.

He’d doubled the rent on the camels,
And tripled the bus fare to town,
He’d put VAT on both sacks and Big Mac’s,
And people were feeling let down.

But Moses ‘ad ‘ad a gert vision,
While laid in his pit in the sand,
Curled up in a heap, an’ trying to sleep,
A picture of Cowling’s Brass Band.

The sound was quite quiet to start with,
An’ he thought, ‘It’s a fly in mi lug’,
But next was the best, it coated his vest,
Wi’ sweat when he spied t’leaders mug.

T’were the chap that were playing a gold harp,
Plucking so fast an’ then more,
Playing it mean, playing it keen,
T’were Gilly from off Ickornshaw.

Now Gilly had brought him a message,
But due to the din from the lads,
Moses near missed it, so offered round biscuits,
Which shut ‘em all up (even t’dads.)

Then eventually Moses got t’message,
An’ couldn’t believe what he’d heard,
Appen t’were ringing, or maybe all t’singing,
That made everything seem absurd.

Th’instructions were laid out quite clear like,
He had to get t’message across,
But would anyone listen, let alone do a mission,
From someone who’s not really the boss?

He’d made some mistakes in his life time,
And wasn’t too sure it were him,
Cos when he stood up to speak they all shouted 'Freak' ,
And there some as thought him quite dim.

But there was this trouble wi’ t’Faroe,
An’ summat had to be done,
‘Appen this visit, could just about do it,
So he put together what had to be done.

Tablets of Stone. (Part 1. Dec ’04) Ken Edgar.

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