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By Ady Green
Iíll tell tha' what Cowineeard is, its a place where I bought my first gaff,
Where I started to sup in the local, wití tíothers just Ďavin a laugh
I met me a wife in the boozer, ended up notching her up
Werenít long afore lads were out supping, wetting the head of my pup

It werít place where you were not acknowledged, if thaí werenít born around here
And folk talked like this poems is being written, and you had to like Tetley beer
Its streets were all darkened and dirty, from years of smoke from the mills
A butcher, baker and grocer, meant you need not come down from the hills

It had top chippy , Madges and Malcolms, and four shops up village Ďal tell
Tha could sup in either the wine bar, bay horse and black bull aswell
Tha could get drunk and eat on the same bloody street
While out doing your shopping and buying your meat

There were no need for taxis or busses at night
There werít odd lad fri Silsden that wanted a fight
There were people fri colne who would land up aswell
But their accents were different and boy you could tell

In winter the snow came and it was so deep
That I parked there my car it was gone for a week
It could be raining in Glusburn and snowing up here
Yet another excuse just to go for a beer

The hardened old timers that stuck in their ways
Would gasp at the changes that are nowadays
With one shop, one chippy and one pub to go
And long murky winters without any snow

Thereís no mills left either, their all houses now
The streets are much cleaner, no need for snow plough
If thatís global warming then Cowlings was first
Its near twenty years siní my pipes last burst

My kids are grown up now and time has shot by
When I look back thereís no tear in my eye
For Cowlings a village, thatís much nicer now
And I hear the proper pronouncement of COW

Ady Green 2006
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