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No place like home
By Ken Edgar (Jnr.)
Perhaps when it comes to some travelling, I’m luckier than just about most
I’ve travelled around, seen beautiful scenes, though I’d never be here just to boast
Seen Paris at night what a wonderful sight the Eiffel resplendent with glaze
And many a part of East Asia like Shanghai with all its polluted thick haze

Florence in spring such a beautiful place a Cathedral like no other on Earth
The Food is incredible, tasty and great, the hills where the wine has its birth
Barcelona in summer a bustling city with buildings by Gaudi so fine
The splendour of Prague with all its religion and 1000 steeples from time

Bratislava in autumn a vibrant domain with people so friendly and proud
They have culture so deep, history so broad yet they never do shout it our loud
Toronto in winter up the CNN Tower is a cold like you’d never believe
All the ships in the lake sit there waiting in ice for spring’s steady, slow heat release

Moscow, Red Square is a breath taking place, a square as big as are Village
And right at the side which spoils it a bit a big yellow M of McDonalds
Cairo in Feb is about the best time to avoid all the Camels and heat
The Pyramids though, like you’d never believe and the life that continues to beat

Dubai in the desert a real hot place with wealth that we all only dream of
And Charlotte a place I have seen many times in the great USA Carolinas
Manila a city surrounded by islands and peoples the most beautiful around
They’ll astound you with all their great numbers yet poverty is very much abound

Hong Kong is the best such a great wacky place an island and land of the East
With its history diverse and its people well mixed a future to make it the best
But of all these great places I’ve visited afar and yet more that I’m still likely to see
There are none quite the same as this old little village with all its great joy there for me

Cowling’s a place for all north hardy men, and for women not ‘fraid of some graft
Yet a place in summer at our famous old gala or pram race were we all go so daft
Yet as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz when she travelled so far from her home
You’d have to agree when you see all these sights there’s still really no place like home
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