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Cowineead in t'50s
By Edna Smith
The village is no pretty sight, the streets are rough and bumpy,
But folk are cheerful usually, 'xcept some 'ats allus grumpy.

Their occupations vary from the farmhand to the clerk,
But weaving is most prominent, and shift work's quite a lark.

The weavers get up early to be at their looms for six;
Quality's the keyword, but they must put in more picks.

And next important I would say is the farming population,
They don't need to rise at six, they just work in moderation.

The farms are scattered round about, there's t'Lumb, Well Head, Green Syke;
There's t'Stubbin, Bowes Edge, Dairy House, them's posh names if you like!

The village has two landmarks, the first one is the Crag,
A grand view when you reach it, but you'll find it is a drag.

The other is of course the Church, and t'vicar's Mr Neil,
And if you're up at 10.15 you'll hear the church bell peal.

The Chapels, there are three of 'em, well, four with Cowling Hill,
The Bar, Ickornshaw, Walton Street, they all work with a will.

I've mentioned t'mills before I think, but we'd better 'ev 'em down,
There's Binns's, Hartleys, Stansfields, we're as good as any town.

I haven't mentioned t'shopkeepers, but then, it doesn't matter;
Their brass is piling up OK while t'housewife's purse gets flatter.

We won't recall all t'streets I think because there's such a lot,
If you're looking for the better part, then th'high end's just the spot!

You know this village very well where only t'best are reared.
It means so much to most of us, this place called Cowineead.
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