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“Dear Fellow Cowinheeders,
Like a goodly number of villages, due to the recent motor-crash destruction of the B T Open Reach steel cabinet near Lane Ends, followed by B Ts total fiasco in attempting to rectify the problem, this resulted in our internet being mainly shut down for over 14 days. Together with my wife, Christine, I run two small, businesses: SLEDGEHAMMER ENGINEERING PRESS LTD and DANDELION STONE TROUGHS & ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUES. Both businesses rely almost 100 per cent on our websites.
I am in the process of writing a newspaper article covering B T s obvious lack of duty of care to its Cowling customers, thus I am seeking contact with other Cowling folk whose businesses have been affected dur to the internet being down. I promise not to include names in the article, unless anyone wishes to include their name.
I look forward to receiving details of your recent internet troubles.

Best regards,
Alan McEwen
World From Rough Stones House, Farling Top, Cowling.”

Posted by Alan McEwen | 16/10/2016 09:24:30

“Although not a BT customer I can understand the issue that for them must have been a nightmare of a task to get 150 telephone lines and connections back in place after the car took out the cabinet.

As our business is 100% internet based, Talk Talk were very good at getting our telephone connection back within 4 days and redirected all calls to a mobile number of our choice. Although not 100% perfect for a couple of weeks the fiber connection was back on within 5 days.

Mobile data also supplied by Talk Talk saved any downtime to our services as our main concern was making sure we could collect and send email.

Talk Talk are saying that by the 14th of Nov they will know the full extent of the downtime and that they will compensate for everyday that there was an issue or that we were without service from them.

BT on the other hand I have always found to be a joke when it comes to their customer services unless you are wanting to join then they can not be more helpful!

Alan, do you host your websites in house ? If not I do not understand why the downtime would effect your websites?”

Posted by Mark Wilson | 22/10/2016 14:04:57

“I saw the amount of work required to totally replace that box, and thought BT were very fast in replacing and repairing it. The connection was intermittent after the box had been replaced, due to the service being on battery, because the crash had been so severe as to rip out the mains connection. The lengthy delay (approx. 1 further week) before service was totally resumed was due to the electrical connection, which was not BT's job. BT tried to keep it going through that time by replacing the batteries twice daily, and most of the time I had a fibre connection.”

Posted by Alan Perrow | 22/10/2016 19:05:38

“Alan - must be lucky - no problems down the lane on Pinnacle View, but still off up the road. Need to make the lads who caused the smash pay for all the extra work and inconvenience (if they have any insurance?)”

Posted by Joan | 22/10/2016 22:00:11

“Alan - no problems down the lane on Pinnacle View, but there still are at both ends of the village.
Need to make the "boy racers" who caused the smash pay for all costs and inconvenience (that's if they have any funds or insurance?)”

Posted by Joan | 22/10/2016 22:05:45

“Sorry - am told that the latest problems are not due to smashed box at Lane Ends, which is now rectified.”

Posted by Joan | 24/10/2016 12:11:39

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