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Welcome to the Cowlingweb message board.

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WHAT A FANTASTIC GALA DAY! Many thanks to all concerned in the planning and on the day itself!
Personal favourites this year - the two bands, the little animals enjoyed by children and also adults, egg throwing, fell races, and the little cauliflower sheep, (not forgetting the cream scones!)

 Posted by Joan | 28/07/2013 12:20:24 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

The Openreach site has updated and now says the cross hills exchange is "Accepting Orders"

 Posted by Ian Long | 11/06/2013 10:02:29 | Post / View Replies | 6 replies to this message

MALSIS SCHOOL have submitted plans to build 46 houses (including affordable) on its Cross Hills site! Open event to be held on Tuesday 30th July between 3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. for more information and to view plans. (Thought Malsis School was in Sutton Parish until proposed boundary changes next year.)

 Posted by Joan | 24/07/2013 12:23:51 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi I was wondering why vehicles HAVE to park on Bus Stops! Top of Winkholme Is a nightmare. You have to stand in the road now to
1. see if the bus is coming and
2. To stop the bus.
The bus stop at the top of Nan Scar was shut because it was thought to be dangerous. Think this is more dangerous, Regs will be taken down and posted on here Name and Shame I think is a good start, They obviously don't use the buses!
As they are parking illegally. What will it take someone to get killed before Cowling does anything!

 Posted by Sam | 14/07/2013 13:12:29 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

I have a missing cat who answers to the name Squiffie. He was last seen on Sunday 14th July on Collinge Road, Cowling. He is white all over with black and brown back and a distinctive brown splodge on his nose; he has brown eyes and is a healthy weight. Please check all garages, sheds and outhouses as he likes to be nosey.
If found, please contact 07557529424

 Posted by Trace Butterworth | 16/07/2013 20:24:43 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Scrappers driving round the village in a white open back transit with drop down sides, back drop down says "Highway Maintenance" Reported to me that they did not take very kindly when asked for their license or ID and left shouting abuse. Last seen on Mill Croft. Around 2pm! Crosshills Police informed. Please give them a call if you see these "Scrap men".

Also anything left outside that is metal IS fair game for them!

CAN NOT BE TRUSTED: Unlike our very nice local legal scrap man from Silsden ...

 Posted by Cowlingweb | 15/07/2013 14:52:11 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Please if anyone is in contact with Yvonne Lopez nee Towers. Would you inform her apart from being a blind arthritic diabetic I am fit as a flea. I Have written numerous emails but they all come back "serverdoes not acknowledge address Take care you all Jim

 Posted by JimMetcalfe | 05/07/2013 04:33:36 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

New2U at St Andrews: The second hand outlet continues to be very successful and due to popular demand the opening hours are being extended for a trial period through the summer.
We are now open both Tuesday and Thursday from 2 - 4pm and Saturday 10 - 12noon.
Come and see the continually changing stock and if you have time, stay for a cup of tea/coffee and buy some home baking. Treat yourself to a bargain.

 Posted by Edna Smith | 03/07/2013 18:14:21 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

P.J.NAREY registered waste carriers free scrap metal collections. as a gesture of good will,for all your loyalties with us, we will remove your fridges/frezzers untill august 31st FOR FREE so that is no fee only FREE!!! please call or text 07796 356607 or 077949 73350

 Posted by pete narey | 29/06/2013 17:47:06 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I have 10 litres of B&Q Magnolia silk emulsion - untouched bar two brushloads - for sale. Bought in mistake for matt. Missing just two brushloads. Cost me £15, will sell for £8. Text me on 07935 208445.

 Posted by Allan | 28/06/2013 23:40:46 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

CRAVEN LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Thursday 4th July 3 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. at Cowling Village Hall. Pls. drop in at any time during those hours. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HELP PLAN FUTURE HOUSING AND EMPLOYMENT IN CRAVEN OVER THE NEXT 15 - 20 YEARS.

 Posted by JMT | 28/06/2013 12:21:47 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

hell o I offer a professional dog walking service
Having had dog all my live and having 2 jack russells at home named Molly and Heidi,
and knowing how hard it is to work and still find time to take the dog out every day,
some times we all need a hand to give them there exercise,
so where its just to let them out at dinner to do what they need to because your
at work or have gone off for the day, or they need a regular walk, all dogs will come
home with clean dry paws, and will be left with fresh water, any extras not a

Area coverd -
Sutton in craven

Prices -
£9.50 per hour
£6.00 per 30 mins
£ 3.00 for a call in and let out

Just call or text me on 07771657455

 Posted by joanne | 28/06/2013 11:13:44 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message


 Posted by Joan | 21/06/2013 15:29:13 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

SPEEDING VEHICLES IN COWLING: If you are concerned about speeding in and around the village, please drop in to St. Andrews Bancroft Room on Saturday 29th June at any time from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to voice your concerns, see what is being done, and show your support.

 Posted by JMT | 22/06/2013 12:13:22 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Cleaner required for Cowling Village Hall.

7 hours per week £6.50 per hour. Hours to be spread out over several days in the week including some weekends, and possibly up to 5 extra hours a week may be required occasionally.

We are looking ideally for individuals with experience of vacuuming, brushing, mopping, polishing, cleaning toilets and washrooms etc. You will be flexible with a good eye for detail with very high standards and expectations, a person who takes pride in their work.

A job description is available on the notice boards in the Village Hall or on the website

If you feel you meet our requirements then please email Judith at or ring 01535 637435 for further details.

Closing Date for applications: Tuesday 2nd July 2013.
Interview date : Thursday 4th July 2013

 Posted by Judith | 20/06/2013 02:48:25 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Three radiators for scrap to the first person to grab them, otherwise will be taken by council. Back Keighley Road, off Springwell Close. If they're gone, someone beat you to them.

 Posted by Allan | 01/06/2013 23:13:27 | Post / View Replies | 4 replies to this message

PLEASE PART SENSIBLY AT ALL TIMES: Cowling was not built for cars, but please try to to allow access for fire engine, ambulance etc. Am told that last night someone from Springwell Close was taken to hospital by ambulance which could not get to the bungalow due to obstructive parking at the bottom end. Not too long ago a fire engine had great difficulty getting down Winkholme during the night time.

 Posted by Joan | 12/06/2013 12:08:42 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Hello All,

This is short notice however just wanted to let you know that there is to be a charity fire walk at Glusburn institute on saturday the 22nd of June,

If anyone is interested in taking part it is a sponsored event, with half of the money going to the little heroes charity and the other to a charity of your choice.

If anyone is interested please get in contact with me ( and I can give you more information


 Posted by Oliver Wilkinson | 12/06/2013 16:29:33 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

MISSING CAT Teddy, a large 11 month old fluffy Persian Cross, pale grey with grey face markings, blue eyes and a big fluffy grey & white tail. Last seen on Royd Street, Cowling on Sunday 9th June at about 5am near the side entrance to the park. His sister Lucy is very similar but is pale brown, has darker tabby face markings, a brown fluffy tail and she is frantically looking for him. Please can you check any cellars, garages, sheds & outbuildings just to make sure he hasn’t got trapped somewhere. If you find him or know what has happened to him please contact Pat or Andrew on 01535 634145. Thank you.

 Posted by Andrew Newiss | 10/06/2013 12:02:03 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

pj.narey of silsden free scrap metal collections in cowling. fridge freezers/washer/dryers/radiators/trampolines/cookers/etc ect. 07796356607

 Posted by pj.narey | 09/06/2013 18:51:20 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Ellie the missing cat has been found!

 Posted by Sarah Kernick | 07/06/2013 06:09:35 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

COWLING HILL BAPTIST CHAPEL 269th Anniversary this Sunday 9th June at 2.30 p.m.
Preacher Revd. Dr. Paul Severs.

 Posted by JMT | 06/06/2013 22:27:46 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

MISSING CAT from Middleton. Ellie is a very distinctive looking cream long-haired female neutered cat with brown face and tail and blue eyes. Chipped and collared. Very friendly and vocal. One of our other cats came home injured with a bite so we are very worried. Any news is better than no news. Please check sheds and outbuildings and report any news/sightings to Sarah on 07932 664940. Many thanks!

 Posted by Sarah Kernick | 06/06/2013 22:10:19 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

beautifull 16.1hh chestnut 13 years old for loan, is currently being kept at buckstones livery stables cowling.
for further info please contact jo on 07525486007

 Posted by joanne town-jones | 04/06/2013 20:55:19 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Another "blast from the past" - Yvonne nee Towers who used to live at the Bay Horse years ago is now in touch, and has not heard from Jim Metcalfe (Oz) for quite a while - we are wondering if he is ok. - Jim used to look on this site almost every day at one time, and still regarded Cowling as "home."
Any information welcome thanks.

 Posted by Joan and Yvonne | 02/06/2013 22:56:40 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

A short ceremony to mark the re-opening of the newly refurbished Coronation Shelter, Gill Lane, will take place on Sunday 2nd June at 12 noon exactly 60 years since the Coronation of our present Queen Elizabeth II. This shelter was built on behalf of Cowling Parish Council for the people of Cowling, by the late Gerald Hall of Middleton and Squire Jackson of Court House who both worked for Sam Gott and Sons local builders. The cutting of the ribbon will be performed by Mrs. Betty Bestall lifelong resident of Middleton, and daughter of Gerald, and Maurice Jackson son of Squire will also be present.

 Posted by Joan | 26/05/2013 20:22:15 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Looking for a 3 or 4 bed house to rent in the village, dog welcome also.
Please contact me on 07447949133 if you are able to help.

 Posted by Lisa | 29/05/2013 18:34:29 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

ANNIE DRIVER AWARD: Registered Charity No. 529484 - given to ex scholars of Cowling School who are in further education (eg. after South Craven school) - Please get in touch with the headmaster of Cowling School for application forms well in advance of the summer school holidays!

 Posted by Joan | 23/05/2013 19:15:52 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

DUCK RACE & BBQ - 18th May - 12noon 'til about 3pm
just off Winkholme bridge, Cowling

It's that time of year again when we all get to play in the beck with rubber ducks.

We'll have a bbq, refreshments ice creams and side stalls.

As usual the race will take a sprint format, setting off 100 ducks in heats of 100 with the first 20 ducks in each heat going through to the grand final with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Temporary ownership of a numbered duck is still only ONE POUND and admission is free.

Tickets for the ducks are available now and you can get one from any hall committee member or from a number of the user group reps in the hall. Alternatively you can email

It's a great fun family event but parents are reminded that your kids remain your responsibility throughout the event.

All proceeds go to Cowling Village Hall, registered charity no. 523560

 Posted by Dave R | 24/04/2013 14:36:05 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Has any one lost a rabbit? Contact 07947116282

 Posted by Tracey | 20/05/2013 15:38:33 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

REMINDER: Pls. remember to fill in the "housing type" forms on the back of the May newsletter - spare copies available at corner shop and Drystone Cafe -pls. cut off back page, return to address on form, or post in newsletter box in corner shop. Residents' views could be important if any future plans are made for Cowling - this survey is purely for the purpose of giving residents their say NOW!

 Posted by Joan | 15/05/2013 16:20:33 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

may i just say the old shelter up by the school is looking a lot better for a coat of paint lets all keep it looking this way

 Posted by kate scarlett | 13/05/2013 13:35:08 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

BUS STOPS: As from 1st May the Nan Scar Top (to Colne) bus stop will be discontinued as it is in a very dangerous position and is now rarely used- but the shelter stop across the road (to Keighley) will remain -
The Park Lane bottom and the Black Bull (Dovetail) and Winkholme Top stops will all remain, along with the rest. A few minor alterations to one or two signs etc. will also be made.
Further details pls. contact Mary Welch, Regional Transport Manager.

 Posted by JMT | 29/04/2013 11:48:05 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Lately, there has been dog owners seems to have no respect about other people.
We had dog muck in our ginnell twice and now outside my neighbur door.
I have cleaned our ginnell a couple of times with the help of couple of kids, i paid them ofcourse , but it keeps them out of the streets, but no one seems to have any respect to keep it that way. I like to send this message to anyone who is doing this, that if i ever catch them , i will have no respect, but to press charges to the full against them, friends or no friends, and i hope they are reading this.

Kind regards


 Posted by Charlie | 14/05/2013 10:18:42 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

For all Gala information. Visit our new Cowling Gala website.


 Posted by Jo | 26/04/2013 11:43:58 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Bird Killers.
Whoever filled in the hole on the top of the extractor unit has buried baby starlings, that were nesting there.

 Posted by alan | 09/05/2013 11:18:49 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Congratulations to Cowling's own Drystone Radio team who this bank holiday weekend are doing "outside broadcasts" from the Waterways Canal Festival in Skipton. Last week they did a trial run from "Megan's kitchen" in Glusburn, and now regularly broadcast the Sunday service from the Parish Church, Skipton.

 Posted by Joan | 04/05/2013 17:02:05 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

To all Cowling Residents - if you do not receive a village newsletter through your letterbox, spare copies may be obtained at the corner shop or at the Drystone Cafe.
The May issue includes a housing type survey to fill in, and much more information.
Thanks to all our newsletter team for the work they put in.

 Posted by Joan | 04/05/2013 16:56:19 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Wedding Fair planned at the newly refurbished Victoria Hall, Keighley on Saturday 8 September 2013. Any local businesses interested in a stand only 3 remaining in the main room for £50 however space is available in the lounge at only £30!! Please call 01535 681763 and speak to Louise for further details. Thank you.

 Posted by Louise Newton | 04/05/2013 11:06:59 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Cowling Village Hall - Notification of Annual General Meeting
Monday 20th May - 7:30 pm

All residents of Cowling Parish are invited to attend Cowling Village Hall Charity’s Annual General Meeting.

Those residents aged 18 or over are entitled to vote in all matters relating to the charity at this meeting including election of trustees and officers.

Agenda to include receipt of financial and trustee reports for the year.

Formal notice of this meeting can be found on the door of the new hall and includes a small number of proposed changes to wording to the charitiy's governing scheme to reflect it's current position more accurately.

Cowling Viillage Hall is a Registered Charity No. 523560

 Posted by Dave R | 04/05/2013 07:28:05 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

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