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Taken from news cuttings from the scrap book of Esther M. Snowden.
Typed by Joan M. Tindale (nee Binns)
Great great grand daughter of Thomas Binns b. 1845-1921
The fact that last Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stones of the old Bar Chapel Sunday School, Cowling, will stir up memories among the older generation. There are ten stones, and of the ten people whose names figure on the there is but one survivor (1936) - the Rev. James Whitaker, Ph.D., of San Jose, California. Dr. Whitaker is a native of Cowling and has many friends in the district. His work in California has been outstanding. A preacher of considerable ability, he was for a period honoured by appointment as chaplain of the Californian Senate, and gave a series of wireless sermons broadcast from the San Jose wireless station. Well known in Methodist circles throughout California, he has been pastor of many important churches, including the influential church at Petaluma.


Another name well known locally is that of the late Mr. James Bailey, uncle to the present Mr. James Bailey, a member of the Parish Council. The late Mr. Bailey, intimately connected with Bar Chapel, was for many years a Sunday School Superintendent.

Another stone bears the name of Mr. John Binns, son of the late Mr. John Binns, founder of John Binns & Sons Ltd., Croft & Carr Mills, Cowling. He also was a Sunday School Superintendent for a period. His brother Mr. Thomas Binns is also represented. He, too, was a keen worker for Methodism. Of temperate habits, he was a staunch supporter of Cowling Temperance Society, being for many years vice president.

Another well remembered name is that of the late Mr. James Emmott, who held almost every office in the Sunday School at some period, notably as Sunday School teacher and . superintendent. He was the father of the late Mr. Stephen Emmott, and grandfather of Messrs. Stanley & Raymond Emmott, present directors of the firm of John Binns & Sons Ltd.

Then there is the late Mr. J. P. Fielden, of Rochdale, who will not be so easily recalled. He married the then Miss Alice Binns, sister of John & Thomas Binns - hence his connection with the chapel.

Miss Elizabeth Hutchinson, another of the ten, was teacher of the young women's class and her old scholars will well recall her. On her death she left a large legacy to the chapel trustees. Yet another name is that of the late Mr. Benjamin Snowden, of Preston, who was brother of Mr. William Snowden of Keighley, father of the well known author, Keighley Snowden. He was a native of Cowling.

Another name which conjures memories is that of William Snowden senior, who was Sunday School superintendent for a considerable period. He is said to have been the first man in Cowling to manufacture gas, which he did while working at John Binns & Sons. He has many descendants in the village, including Mr. Wright

Snowden, a well known Methodist worker, and Chairman of the Cowling Parish Council. The last of the ten names is that of the late Mr. William Snowden, of Keighley. He was the brother of the late Mr. Ben Snowden of Preston. Their father is said to be the original of that well known character "Binnie Driver" portrayed in "The Web of an Old Weaver", written by the author J. Keighley Snowden.
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