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Cowling School Board - 23rd May 1874
Transcribed from the original document By Mrs J Tindale - May 2007
Meet at North Ends at 2.30 p.m. Band to be in attendance. Wait for those invited till 2.45. Form procession and march to site of school. 1 Vicar and towns officers. 2. School Board. 3. School Board elect. 4. Architect. 5. Contractors.
When arrived on site and parties arranged the Vicar will offer up prayers and give a short address. The Clerk (T. Fisher) to present to Chairman (Mr J. Fisher) the trowel and mallet with the following address:-

“Sir, I am commissioned by Messieurs J. Nowell, J. Hartley, J. Smith and
J. Laycock by your companions in office members of the first School Board for this township to present you with this trowel and mallet for which they have themselves subscribed and purchased for you to use on this important occasion, and I therefore in their name present them to as a token of their personal regard and a mark of the esteem which they have for you as the Chairman of the School Board of which you have now all been members for nearly three years”.
Mr. Fisher will reply – and then proceed to lay the Memorial Stone on which when it is declared duly laid the clerk will state the contents of the bottle deposited beneath and read the following copy of the Parchment enclosed therein:-

“This Memorial Stone of the First Elementary Board School in the Township of Cowling-In-Craven was laid on the three and twentieth day of May in the 37th year of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, and of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four, by Mr. John Fisher, Land Agent, the Chairman of the first School Board for the above named township of Cowling and in the presence of the members of the School Board; viz. Messieurs John Nowell the Vice Chairman, John Hartley, Joseph Smith and Jonas Laycock, together with the contractors for building the sd. school and the inhabitants of the sd. Township of Cowling. The site of the sd. School measuring 2000 sq. yds. was purchased at a cost of £350 sterling.

This new school with master’s house, and the site are to cost £1,961.6s.Od. erecting – and the school will accommodate 272 children, so that the cost per child will be rather more than £7.4s.Od. which is a low estimate, taking into consideration the master’s house, which will contain – lobby, parlour, kitchen, scullery and pantry on ground floor, and 3 good bedrooms upstairs. The school will be “T” shaped, with 2 classrooms, one large which is to be a sewing room for girls and a smaller room for single classes. There are also to be separate entrance lobbies with washing places both for boys and girls, as well as a coal house and store room for the school. Then outside there will be the cloisters or covered shed both for boys and girls to play in, in wet weather
separately, with sufficient conveniences offices? under the same roof for each.
A yard with offices is also to be provided for the master, and in front of the school next to the road will be a nice garden for the schoolmaster’s use, so that on the whole the premises will be compact, convenient and comfortable.

First as to the receipts – the Board has issued precepts on the overseers for the following amounts – which have been duly paid unto the Yorkshire Bank at Skipton – at the under mentioned dates:

1871 July 10 to meet expenses of Board to 29 Sept. £40 0 0
1872 June 22 “ “ “ 25 March 50 0 0
1872 Aug. 3 “ “ “ 29 Sept. 50 0 0
1873 June 25 “ “ “ 29 Sept. 200 0 0

and to make the necessary alterations in the National
School which it was expected would be transferred to the
School Board to be used as an Infant School.
Thus the Board has received £340 0 0
from the overseers of the township to the present date and has paid during its three years of office £76 3s. 10d. to the present time, so that with interest added there is now lying in the Yorkshire Bank at Skipton £267 19s. 11d.
I will now give you some details as to how the above sum of £76 3s. 10d. has been disposed of:- etc. etc. (breakdown of sum omitted)*

Perhaps some member of the present Board will be desirious of addressing ?

The School is to accommodate 272 children as a mixed school; the plans for the same having been prepared by Mr. Thomas Fisher, Clerk to the sd. School Board, and the contractors for the erection of the same and the amounts of their contracts being as follows:-

For masons’ works Messrs. J. Bancroft & H. Gott,
Ickornshaw £943 10s. 0d.
For carpenters’ works Messrs. James Emmott,
New Road Side 294 10s. 0d.
For slaters’ works Messrs. Samuel Thornton
Bradley, Nr. Skipton 155 10s. 0d.
For plumbers’, painters’, glaziers’
Messrs. Samuel Bottomley & sons
Crosshills 131 10s. 0d.
For plasterers’ work Messrs. Richard Hill 47 0s. 0d.

Cost of Erection £1572 0s. 0d.
Signed (B.S.) Thomas Fisher, Clerk and Architect

Ladies, Gentlemen, friends and neighbours! I have a few words to give you respecting the School Board of Cowling. The outgoing Board was elected on 27th May, 1871, for three years, and consequently their term of office will expire on 27th of this present month.
The Board has during its term of office held 63 meetings, of which 36 were ordinary monthly meetings and 27 were extra-ordinary meetings. Of these 63 meetings of the Board, Mr. Nowell, the vice chairman has attended 60, Mr. Hartley has attended 58, Mr. Fisher, the Chairman 57, Mr. Laycock 48, and Mr. Smith 46, so that there can be no complaint as to the attendance of the members, if you take into consideration the accidental and necessitous causes which during three years time might very possibly occur to prevent the attendance of the most indefatigable members, and I venture to assert that the attention which the members of this Board have paid to their duties will bear very favourable comparison with that of any other School Board!
Now I will give you a short financial account of the receipts and expenditure of the Board during the three years. I know that you will all be anxious to know what has been spent by the Board as well as how it has been spent!

Cowling School. Date: Unknown

Cowling School. Date: Unknown

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