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The Diaries Of James Emmott.
What started off as a guestbook post on Cowlingweb turned into new leads for both Dinnington History Society and Cowling History Group Moonrakers!

Roy Newman who is the Chairman of the Dinnington History Society posted the very interesting message on the guestbook below on the 20th March 2008.

We are in the process of converting the diarys of Emmett (from 1873---)to DVD. These are a fascinating insight of a farming life in days long past. They give many details of the farming community from these times and the hard life they lived. It also mentions many of the local people including their passing as he was also the grave digger as well as a local farmer. Many of the local towns and villages are also mentioned. Anyone interested in the local field names would also be interested.

Finding the post very interesting Cowlingweb emailed Roy to get some more background information about the diaries and how they came to be in Dinnington?

The diaries were purchased by Roy at an auction over 20 years ago in Retford. Roy at the time could see the historical information that the diaries contained.

Moonraker Member Eric Emmott and his cousin David Emmott have been researching their family history for many years and were able to trace James Emmott who wrote the diaries as being their Great, Great, Grandfather and were fascinated to view and discuss the diaries with Roy and Pam.

After a few emails back and forth between Cowlingweb, Roy and Pam Cook who is the Dinnington History Society Secretary, Pam and Roy decided to take a trip up the motorway to meet with the Cowling History Group Moonrakers and have a look at the area that the diaries describe.

A meeting was arranged for the 12th April at 12pm at Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel.

The Chapel was kindly opened by Mrs Binns so that Roy and Pam could see inside the Chapel that played a large part in James life not only as a member of the congregation but James was also the grave digger which he refers in the diaries. Eric also showed Roy and Pam the family graves in the Cowling Hill Graveyard and explained the relationships between them all. Roy and Pam were both really pleased to be able to view the grave of James and his wife Hannah having become so familiar with them both through studying the diaries.

The group also visited Beckfoot farm which is the farm that James and his family farmed at the time the diaries were written. Eric also gave some really interesting background information about the family explaining that James and Hannah had 14 children and that James took over the running of the farm from his Father David Emmott in 1841 and at the time the farm was called Lower Stone Head which changed it's name some time in the 1860s to Beckfoot.

There are six diaries in total and cover the years 1873, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879.
When the Dinnington History Society have finished converting the diaries to DVD they will be made available to the public.

Cowling Moonrakers would like to Thank the Dinnington History Society for all the work that they are doing and really look forward to viewing the DVD when it is available.
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Eric & David Emmott viewing  Diary
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