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Cowlingweb Message Board Rules & FAQs
1) Our number 1 message board rule is - Treat people how you would like to be treated !!!

2) We will never allow posts that contain swearing, racist or insulting comments.

3) A valid email address must be entered when posting any comments on the message board. (See FAQ's below for more details)

4) Always try to keep a message topic on subject.

5) Personal and unconstructive attacks on any message board posts or user/s will not be tolerated.

6) Never try to use the message board to air personal grievances or to spread idle gossip.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I put a message on the message board?
A: Put your Name & Email address in the boxes provided. Type what you want to put on the message board and once you are happy with what you have typed simply click the 'Submit' button.

Q: How do I reply to a message?
A: Click on the message you wish to reply to and follow the instructions above.

Q: What messages can I put up here?
A: Anything you like. Any subject at all but try to keep it relevant to Cowling or the village.

Q: Do I have to put my real name?
A: Yes. If you want people to take your post seriously we strongly suggest using your real name.

Q: Why do I have to put my email address?
A: We added this to the message board on the 10th September 2005. The main reason for adding it is to stop anonymous posters using the message board to air grievances and also to cut down on invalid posts.

Q: Will my email address be viewable on the message board?
A: No. It can only be viewed by Admin and will only be used when needed to verify credible posts.

Q: Why do Cowlingweb Admin remove email addresses from posts?
A: The reason we do this is purely to stop email spam bots getting hold of your email address (Click here for more details about spam bots) We will remove the email address from the post and replace it with "Email address removed by Cowlingweb Admin - Please Contact Cowlingweb for email address” The email address in question is then kept on file and given out only for genuine enquiries that relate to the original message or messages.

Q: Can I contact someone who posted a message personally by email?
A: We are always happy to put people in touch and pass on contact details but we will never give out anyone's details without prior permission.

Q: Why can't I read my message straight away?
A: The message board is here for the whole community so we feel it is our responsibility to make sure that all content is of good taste and decency and does not break our rules before allowing the message on to the message board.

Q: How long does it take for messages to be checked and allowed?
A: Most messages are allowed within an hour or a few hours at the most but there are times when it can take up to 24 hours.

Q: Can I delete a message?
A: No, but you can e-mail us and ask us to delete it.

Q: Who do I complain to when I read something on here that offends me?
A: Email us with your complaint. If there's something on the message board that is genuinely offensive, we'll remove it.

If you have any questions regarding the message board or anything on the website please feel free to get in touch via the "Contact Cowlingweb" on the main menu on the left.

Cowling Web are 100% impartial to all visitors and we feel that screening messages is the only way of taking our responsibility as mentioned above seriously.

Cowling Web have the right to not allow, remove or edit any post at anytime without giving reason or notification of any kind.

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